Room for contemplation

Room for contemplation
More than just a place to eat, there are restaurants out there that also offer food for thought.
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Remembering Robert: Friends of long years leave us nostalgic, rewarding memories
If you’re past 40 and have lived in the same small city most ofyour life, you’re blessed with some “lifelong friends”… maybe notyour closest, but people who shared those youth hours and adultsocial times, and always the “latest” on other classmates when youmeet at ball games, church or on the street.
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ISRO-Enabled Control Room For Anti-Naxal Operations
by Staff Writers New Delhi, India (PTI) Jan 14, 2011 A state-of-the-art control room with giant TV screens that will help track the offensive of security forces in Naxal strongholds with satellite imaging and GPS has been activated at the CRPF headquarters here.
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