Review my online dating profile?

Question by J: Review my online dating profile?
I would appreciate it if someone would review my online dating profile and give me some points on how to improve it. Thanks!

Self Summary: Female, Caucasian, 25 yrs. Old, 5’4” 102 lbs. Never mind, if the entire entry doesn’t fit in this box, then forget it. Besides, I’m an out of the box person anyways.

What I’m doing with my life: Living it.

I’m really good at: math, physics, literature, being a grammar Nazi, thinking, contemplating, problem solving, learning, understanding, scheduling, setting and achieving goals, driving fast, being persuasive & deceitful, kung fu, archery, shooting, mental torture, and discrete murder.

The first thing people notice about me: How the hell would I know? Ask them or better yet, ask yourself. Dimwit.

My favorite books, movies, music and foods: Seeing as how my choices, particularly in food, are very unique I cannot supply that information freely in case the CIA comes across it, seeing as how they have tracked down very few, but some, of my eccentricities.

Six things I could never live without: cunningness, connections, fast cars, loaded AK 47’s, alcohol, and hash,

I spend a lot of time thinking about: how to master the human mind, body, and soul, how to improve my latest gun blue print, new forms of mental torture, where I should dump the next body, and how’s my hash supply?

On a typical Friday night I am: hacking into government networks

The most private thing I’m willing admit: I like to dress up as Hello Kitty.

You should message me if: 1.) if you can keep a secret 2.) if you have alcohol or hash. 3.) If you have government connections 4.) You mustn’t be afraid of seeing a slightly bloodied Hello Kitty with an AK 47 and a mind set to kill.

Ok, I joke.

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Answer by sclchile c
Also see free sections on Match Dating and Yahoo Personals.


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