relationship counseling online/in person?

Question by dana: relationship counseling online/in person?
i’ve been with the guy i’m planning to wed for over 3 yrs now. we have recently been having problems about my past in our relationship. i’m looking to find out infomation on online couseling and in person counseling. do you know a good web site that i can look at for either couseling or groups that would be helpful? for the online couseling it would have to be not to expensive. please let me know about these things if you have infomation on them.
no i have been talking to him about it for the whole time we have been going out. and now it is caousing a big problem. if you are just going to judge me then don’t answer… i’m just asking about relationship couseling!
and the thing about the secret kids? wtf? we have been trying to have kids for OVER a year and we are having trouble getting preg. so no secret kids. and he knows who i’ve been with and all that… it’s to much to explain everything. just give me some info. on couseling please.

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Answer by Good girl
In 3 years, you have not talked to him about it, and now he dont like it? 🙂 Well, i guess he has serious reasons not to like it. Too much b/fs before? Or some secret kids?

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