Relationship and Dating Advice 911 Adds Incentives for Professional Relationship Therapists and Dating Coaches to Provide Advice to its Website Visitors


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Aptos, CA (PRWEB) August 11, 2010

Relationship and Dating Advice 911 the #1 site for men and women to give their uninhibited relationship and dating advice to members of the opposite sex is raising the bar for free advice websites by incenting professional relationship therapists and dating coaches to provide their expert perspectives freely to its visitors. “Our aim is to provide a forum where people can get the best possible advice from those who are most qualified to give it. Including certified experts with men and women providing answers from their own perspective is a major step towards achieving that aim,” says founder Alvin Cordeiro.

Throughout history men and women have tried to figure each other out in an effort to increase the quality of their relationships and improve their chances of attracting the right partner. In recent years, relationships between couples have become more complicated than ever. Finding and keeping love partners is a serious challenge and people are becoming more skeptical about the prospects of finding that perfect person as they see so many couples heading towards divorce court.

A scan in Google’s popular Adwords feature that allows you to find popular keywords for any topic shows about 4.5 million monthly searches for relationship and dating advice. The most popular searches are for keywords and phrases like love advice, marriage advice, dating relationships, marriage counseling, dating girls, saving marriage, dating women, and couples.

Relationship and Dating Advice 911 has been set up to meet the needs of these millions of people seeking advice online through those keywords. But more importantly the site is setup to offer the best possible advice while providing its readers a way to determine which industry professionals they may want to take their more complex problems to. Relationship therapists and dating coaches promote their services through a personal profile page and attract prospective clients by touting their skills when they provide quality responses to our member’s relationship and dating questions.

Trained professionals are enabled to respond to questions from both men and women, whereas regular non professional members are limited to providing advice to members of the opposite sex only. We feel that the trained professionals have earned the right and are likely able to speak to both sexes effectively on relationship topics while non-professional members offer quality advice from their unique perspective and inherent understanding of how their own sex thinks.

Regardless of who provides the advice, Relationship and Dating Advice members have the final vote on which advice is the most useful. Members get to rate the best advice for any topic. For each topic, the best rated advice filters to the top.

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