Registering property in a day

Registering property in a day
PROPERTY, whether land and/or building, in Malaysia can now be registered in one day. Clearly the Land Offices across the country are working to enhance their delivery system. However, this will not have any impact if the banks, property owners and lawyers do not collect their approved titles from state land offices. Land offices all over the country have reported large volumes of uncollected …
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McConaughey lawyers up again
Playing a lawyer is a good-luck charm for Matthew McConaughey.
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The jimmies story
When I mentioned jimmies , the long-established localism for chocolate sprinkles, in a recent column, it was just as a passing example; I didn’t mean to reopen an etymological can of worms. But a few days later, along came an e-mail from Ron Slate of Milton, repeating the rumor that has dogged our candy terminology. “My mother told us never …
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