Reformed “Killer” Divorce Lawyer Reveals Secrets Of How To Get A Peaceful Divorce


Fort Lauderdale, FL (PRWEB) February 13, 2007

Cynthia Tiano, former high-powered divorce litigation attorney, is singing a different tune these days after getting a taste of her own medicine. She was the divorce attorney everyone loved to hate – just the sight of her name on a divorce case was enough to send opposing attorneys into a cold sweat or bail out altogether.

After Tiano was on the receiving end of a harsh courtroom experience, she connected with what she had been dishing out to divorcing parties for over fifteen years – and knew that there had to be a better way. “The adversarial system is no place for families to find themselves,” said Tiano.

“Divorce Mediation is absolutely the way to go for anyone going through the divorce process. It gives people an opportunity to make the important decisions themselves and doesn’t rip the family to shreds,” says Tiano, who calls herself “The Mediator”.

She should know, having been a Certified Divorce Mediator exclusively now for over ten years after closing her trial practice. She also has created a website,, to provide divorce help to a wider audience, as, says Tiano, “It’s taking me too long to save the world two at a time.”

Divorce Mediation is a process where people going through a divorce receive divorce support, when they meet with a neutral intermediary, in an effort to resolve their disputes. Mediation has been mandatory for all divorce cases in Florida since the mid-nineties, and is growing in popularity as the ultimate tool for creating a more peaceful divorce and improved communication between people with children.

When using an expert Divorce Mediator, thousands of dollars in lawyer’s fees can be saved, and virtually any couple can experience a significant decrease in conflict and an improved ability to effectively co-parent their children. However, since a mediator cannot give divorce advice, each party may want to consult with a Mediation-friendly divorce attorney before signing a divorce agreement.

“We are experiencing a revolution in the divorce industry,” says Tiano. “People are sick and tired of turning their lives over to lawyers and judges, and dealing with the horrendous financial and emotional consequences.” This sentiment is supported by the fact that over 60% of new divorce cases that were filed last year in Palm Beach County, Florida, where Tiano practices, were pro se – without a lawyer.

Tiano says, “Bring me any case, the worst of the worst, and I can help the parties settle it. By the end of the mediation process, this family may very well find themselves getting along better than they had in years.”

Cynthia Tiano, Esquire, is the President of Mediate This!, one of the nation’s first companies geared toward the mass education of people and families going through divorce about the peaceful and cost-saving alternative of Divorce Mediation. Get your free Audio Series to save your money and your sanity at, or phone 954-561-0105.


Cynthia Tiano, Esq., “The Mediator”