Rachel Bertsche: Pay for Play, Friendship Style

Rachel Bertsche: Pay for Play, Friendship Style
Would you be willing to meet friends online on a site like Girlfriend Circles, Girlfriend Social, or Companion Tree? What about Rent a Friend? Would you try it? Under what circumstances?
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Live HC upholds BJP MLAs’ disqualification
BJP spokeperson Prakash Javdhekar: The charges are politically motivated and fabricated. Speaking to a TV channel, Amit Shah’s lawyer Nirupam Nanavati said the bailwas a relief to Amit Shah and his family. He said Shah has retained his faith in the judicial system of the country.
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Hollis town clerk recognized for her 30 years of service
HOLLIS – Thirty years ago, when Nancy Jambard was hired as Deputy Town Clerk, she reported to work at then-Town Clerk Bertha Duncan’s home on Silver Lake Road, used the portable Smith-Corona typewriter her parents had given her as a high school graduation present, and knew almost everyone on the 1,500-voter checklist by name or the car or truck they drove.
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