Question for Married women/ divorce?

Question by Jackie: Question for Married women/ divorce?
I have a question for women who’s married.
Have you ever thought about divorce with your husband?
when, why and how often?
I’m married about 2 and4months an I think about it a lot(I think)
like when he’s doesn’t do dishes 2days since he said he would or when he told me to shut up, anytime when I felt like he’s not treating me way I want him to do. I know I’m over reacting sometimes but I just can’t help it. so I want to know about the others. thank you

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Answer by Troy Girl
I do after 4.5 years. If you want to know the reason you can refer to my question posted 40 min ago. But not washing dishes and all i still think it is a small matter in the total aspect of marriage. You will know when you need to get a divorce. Good Luck!

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