Prevent My Divorce: The Walkaway Wife Syndrome You can prevent your divorce by being aware of the walk-away wife syndrome. The Walkaway wife makes plans to leave her marriage well in advance of actually filing for divorce. Michele Weiner-Davis explains this process, including the wife’s preparation, timing, emotions, etc. Most importantly, she offers methods for how you can prevent your wife from walking away from you. Men need to know that it’s not too late to prevent their divorce, but that it’s easier to save your marriage if you stop the problem early on. Husbands, either way, pass this video onto your wife so they can avoid making the mistake of a lifetime. Visit Michele’s site at: Read The Walk-away Wife Blog Post at Want to talk to a Divorce Busting Coach? Visit here – Get more advice on how to save your marriage at, follow Michele on Twitter at http join Michele on Facebook at and read Michele’s blog at . Did you know that two thirds that are filed in our country are filed for by women. I think I know why: The Walk Away Wife In the early years of marriage, women seem to be the ones who are the relationship care takers. We’re the ones who are looking at our love watches. “Have we spent enough time together?” “Have we talked enough?” “Are we close enough?” And if the answer is yes, all is right in the world. But if she thinks that the relationship isn’t connected enough, she
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