Premarital & Remarital Counseling: the Professional’s Handbook

Premarital & Remarital Counseling: the Professional’s Handbook

The definitive guide to premarital counseling

This is the best premarital counseling guide I have seen in more than three decades in the family therapy and family life education fields.
— William C. Nichols, editor, Contemporary Family Therapy

Following the success of the first two editions of this book, the authors updated their indispensable guide on the process and content of premarital counseling. In this revised edition, they have added important information about issues in the forefront today: remarriage, the blended or step-family, intergroup marriages, and younger and older couples. Filled with practical and effective hands-on questionnaires and instruments that have been newly revised and widely tested by the authors, this book is written to meet the needs of a range of professionals, including clergy and clinicians in social work, psychology, counseling, and marriage and family therapy.

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