Pollapalooza! Dating Dish—In the Closet and Out!

Pollapalooza! Dating Dish—In the Closet and Out!
We never get tired of hearing who’s dating whom in Hollywood, and we certainly jump at the opportunity to predict the next hot romance, fake or not! Problem is, we can’t really…
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PHL post in Guangzhou warns vs online dating scam
The Philippine Consulate General in Guangzhou has warned against an Internet scam involving dating sites.
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When Dating Online, It Helps If Some People Find You Ugly
Anyone who has tried online dating knows the stress of picking out a profile picture. What combination of eye contact, cleavage and lighting will inspire new suitors?  In the latest installment of OkCupid’s dating research, The Mathematics of Beauty, the site reveals a few fascinating trends they observed about dating success. Turns out raw beauty isn’t the best metric. In fact, the more men …
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