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Baltimore, Maryland (PRWEB) August 16, 2009, a blog that discusses divorce and life after divorce, has been updated with new pages with information on coping with divorce, the Jon and Kate divorce, and prenuptial agreements.

The page entitled “Coping with Divorce” from offers different methods that can be used to deal with divorce. For instance, families undergoing a divorce may want to seek family or marital counseling. Some psychologists specialize in dealing with divorces, so these may be the therapists to seek. For individuals that feel overly depressed due to a divorce, medication may also be a necessary treatment.

“Jon and Kate Divorce” details the shocking divorce that has divided fans of the popular television show Jon & Kate Plus 8. A variety of rumors of the couple splitting had been spread before the official announcement on the episode of the show that aired Monday, June 22. This page on also speculates on some of the reasons which may have caused the couple to divorce. states on the page “Prenuptial Agreement” that prenuptial agreements are not just for celebrities and millionaires, but instead “can and have been used by everyday people to secure their assets.” The page also notes that regulations regarding prenuptial agreements vary by state. However, according to this page, many people, including judges, disdain the use of prenuptial agreements.

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