Perfect Seduction – One of Life’s Missing Manuals – Out Now!


Perfect Seduction – One of Life’s Missing Manuals – Out Now!

(PRWeb UK) April 3, 2009

Sadly, partners don’t come with a manual to help us get the best out of relationships. Once that magic is lost, there is little chance for a second attempt. Further, the phenomenal success of online dating shows how many are desperate to be able to share life’s special moments. Enter Perfect Seduction – a newly published guide aimed at helping heterosexual men put the sparkle back into any and every relationship.

Author John James Newhouse describes how a loving touch is not a mechanical process, but a smooth flowing sharing of mind and body between mutually attracted partners leading to the ultimate pleasure.

Newhouse shows how to fine-tune sex lives by explaining seductive technique in a forthright but restrained manner. Illustrations by Dimitar Bochukov are the perfect accompaniment. “I have tried to show that seduction is an art form. It is different from other art forms only because the end result can bring such happiness and peace,” says Newhouse.

“This is not the impossible dream. It is there in all of us, there for the taking, if only we are prepared to work for it, to spend time creating and practising it. There is nothing in the world more delicious than seduction,” Newhouse adds.

For men, this book lifts the curtain that shrouds the secrets of a woman’s sexuality and reveals how to make partners melt under a man’s sensual touch.

Perfect Seduction is the perfect solution that will help relationships soar to new heights of tenderness, sexual awareness and passion.



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