“Only Pretty, Young and Healthy, Please” — Jewish Matchmaking Taken to the Next Level


New York, NY (PRWEB) July 17, 2007

47% of all marriages involving Jewish persons are interfaith marriages. Is this a blessing or a serious problem? Well, whichever view we take on this issue, the truth is — there is many Jewish singles out there who would very much like to meet a like-minded Jewish soul, but since Jewish matchmaking is not an option for them, they just don’t know how.

Up until recently Jewish singles were almost completely dependent on Jewish matchmaking services, which in all honesty, tend to serve best only certain group of people. In Orthodox circles, if you are over 25 years old, you are already “way over the hill” and most of matchmakers will refuse even consider setting you up.

This is where the new phenomenon — online Jewish dating — comes in. More and more “unmarriageable” Jewish singles bypass Jewish matchmakers and decide to look for their soul mates online. Many Jewish singles have already met their beshert online. But the big problem is, that many people approach online dating without awareness of its potential danger.

“Online Jewish dating can be an incredibly interesting and exciting experience,” says Simi Braun from Jewish Matchmaking and Dating. “It can lead to marriage and life long bliss. Thousands of people have met their soul mates through online services. At the same time, many people with the same goal at heart, have been emotionally or physically hurt, conned out of all their savings and left embarrassed and psychologically injured.”

Simi, who’s met her fiancĂ© through online Jewish dating services, claims that it’s just as easy to attract the right person, as it is the wrong person. The key to successful dating is knowledge. That’s why she has dedicated her free time to create a website (http://www.JewishMatchmakingAndDating.com), that will help Jewish singles find out how to go about Internet dating.

The Internet, with all its dangers, brings along a new wave off hope. Jewish singles are no longer dependent on gold digging matchmakers. They can now take these important matters in their own hands. Saying this, we have to remember that Internet is a potentially dangerous territory. It’s important that every Jewish single learns how to use online dating services properly and Jewish Matchmaking and Dating is there to support them.