Online Relationships?

Question by Sylvia: Online Relationships?
So I met this guy a couple of weeks ago. He’s really nice, funny, and just amazing to me. =]

He always talks about me being pretty, and nice, and stuff. And he sent me a pic of himself too, and I think he’s pretty cute.

And lately, he’s been flirting with me a lot. He’s done actions like this *touches your hair and kisses you on the cheek* and stuff like that. And he even called me his girl a few days ago.

I really, really like him. But the thing is. .

It’s a long distance relationship.

I would be fine with dating him but the distance is something I worry about.

Oh, and another thing is that my mom doesn’t want me to date right now. But if I dated this guy online in secret, do you think it’d be easy to not get caught?

I really wanna be his girlfriend. But I just don’t know how to feel about the distance. . and my mom’s stupid dating rule.

Last thing. . is two years too much older? He’s two years older than me.

Help me please!?

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Answer by Straight Talk Express
get off the internet now please

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