Online dating tips please?

Question by Chinx: Online dating tips please?
I think I’ve given up with the dating game but interestingly enough, my cousin in the Philippines is trying to get me together with his cousin (not related to me at all) and she seems to like me. Because of distance we only have the internet to communicate until summer 2010 comes. Do you have any tips or comments about this? I don’t really know how to flirt or chat with a date online.
I will see her during Summer 2010

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Answer by ♫ ♫ _mUZiCa_♫ ♫
im from philippines too..
well mostly Filipina’s are into online dating,, but not me ^_^
but in your case you have common friend (couzin?)
o well do not flirt.. just be yourself.. we Filipina’s are not so into in flirting.. we want a serious guy…
anyways do you have a plan to go here? to meet her?


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