Online Dating Tips for Men to Get the Best Results

Online Dating Tips for Men to Get the Best Results

Online Dating Tips for Men to Get the Best Results

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Home Page > Relationships > Online Dating Tips for Men to Get the Best Results

Online Dating Tips for Men to Get the Best Results

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Posted: Jan 10, 2011 |


Online dating is getting very popular these days. The main reasons are because it is very convenient and fun. Many people use online dating to find true love and soul partners because they find it easier to get the confidence to start the journey to finding their life partners.

This article focuses on helping men to improve their results when online dating (sorry girls). If you use the online dating tips that we are going to share, we are confident that you would get much better results in your online dating adventure. Improving your results is easy if you can follow these 3 simple online dating tips.

After reading this article, you guys would know what to do to improve your online dating efforts and results and what to avoid so that you don’t get into troubles.

First of all, there are many ways in finding dates on the Internet. Most people think that the only places they can find dates online is to join the online dating sites and get all the dates they want. But unfortunately, it is not going to happen like that. You do need some careful planning initially in order to get the best results.

Here are 3 online dating tips to help you find your perfect match.

1. Ignore the ‘wink’ button. Many men use this because it is so easy to just click on this button and the system will send a wink to the person or girls that you want to wink to. Do you think that by sending a wink to a girl, she will then go and read your profile and send you a message? It won’t happen!

Listen up guys. She has got this figured out so give her some credit. She knows you send winks to a lot of girls. This is not going to make her feel special. And you have to make her feel special before you stand a chance at getting a date.

If you want to improve your online dating result, ignore the ‘wink’ button. If you are interested to know a girl, try your best to make her know that she is the special one that you want to get to know. Make sure you read her profile first and then send her an email telling her that you have read her profile and are interested in getting to know her better. Relate often to what she has written in her profile. If you guys have similarities, highlight them. Ask questions and make her feel that you are interested in what she cares about. This tells her that you are sincere and worth her time.

2. Read her profile. As mentioned above, you need to make a girl feels that she is a kind of special in your eyes. If you just send a wink, she will know that you don’t read her profile and you have probably send hundred of winks to other girls as well. So, make sure you pay attention to a girl’s profile before you send her that first message. In my opinion this is one of the greatest things about online dating. Reading her profile will tell you all the things it would take you six months of conventional dating to find out. So why not use this to your advantage.

3. Be patient. Don’t appear to be desperate in getting a date, girls do not like that. So, make certain that you learn and exercise patience. Make the girls know that you are here not just looking for fun or one night stand, you are here to find a true love or perfect match. Therefore, do not rush into trying to get as many dates as you can, choose carefully, read the profiles carefully and pick the special one.

4. Avoid sending one-liners to a girl. In fact, I would suggest you to avoid one-liners like the plague. Pick-up lines are still pick-up lines when you are online dating. Sending a girl a message like “What’s up? Are you busy tonight?” or “So, what are you doing later?” will not help you get a date. We are in the 21-st century now and pick-up lines are old tricks, they do not work anymore. Don’t waste your time on this. A one-liner or pick-up line sounds like that you are a desperate man and girls do not like to date a desperate man. If you sound desperate, the girls will ignore you. So, the best thing is to read her profile and send her message asking her questions that are related to her profile. Make her feel that you are sincere and serious about building a long-term relationships.

These are just a few online dating tips that you can use to maximize your results. If you are serious about getting a true love or soul mate through an online dating platform, then what you need to do is to follow the tips that we have just shared with you above.

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Besides using the Internet to find LOVE, you can also use the Internet to find WEALTH. Want to know how? Then, visit these two links: Blueprint Project Black Edition and Blueprint Project Review.


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