Online dating-secret message board?

Question by Ninny999: Online dating-secret message board?
So I went out with a guy from Yahoo personals. He went into this big thing about how when you meet someone, they aren’t who they portray themselves as. Mind you, we met and he was totally different from how he portrayed himself as, my pics were recent and I even sent him more so we wouldn’t be disappointed the first time meeting. No 2nd date, no loss, whatever. So suddenly, my profile went from 119 views in a week to 2 in the next week. I’ve heard of some sort of online community where guys discuss the chicks on the personals (ie ‘puts out’, ‘really looks like a crab fisherman’ ‘fat’, etc). Does anyone know about this? Don’t worry, I won’t be doing the online thing EVER again!

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Answer by MrCum
There are good and bad people every where, on the net or real life.

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