online dating, safe to be in a car with him?

Question by H: online dating, safe to be in a car with him?
I’m 29, met a guy online and one coffee date last Sunday. I like him and didn’t feel anything strange with him.

I also googled him before I met him and he didn’t lie about anything such as age, job, work, etc.

the only thing is a little strange is that he’s falling for me too fast…

my question is when I know it’s safe to get into car with him? or invite him to my place. thanks.

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Answer by Ms. Minerva
I think I would find out a whole lot more about this total stranger before I was alone with him.

Every day we read stories about women found in the woods…..dead, missing body parts…. don’t let us read about you just because you weren’t careful…

Most of the serial killers held good jobs and looked OK …..

Think you need to find someone who actually KNOWS this guy….before you spend another second alone anywhere with him…

You ought to know this….you are 29 years old….

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