Online Dating – Finding Love Online: 5 Proven Strategies for Success and The Top 5 Things You Should NEVER Put In Your Profile

Online Dating – Finding Love Online: 5 Proven Strategies for Success and The Top 5 Things You Should NEVER Put In Your Profile

Paul and Layne Cutright, Best-selling Authors of You’re Never Upset for the Reason You Think
“Dan and Jennifer’s insightful new book is like having a dating coach walk you through the online dating process, quickly and easily. They steer you in the right direction and away from the major pitfalls. This insider’s guide is surprisingly easy to read, and provides simple, easy to implement, actionable tips and advice. We think readers will find it very helpful and recommend it highly.”

Michael Webb, Best-selling Author of The Romantic’s Guide: Hundreds of Creative Tips for a Lifetime of Love, and many others
“Looking for your perfect catch? Jennifer and Dan tell you just how to bait your hook and where to cast it in the world of online dating to attract plenty of prospects. Follow their fantastic tips and you will have lots of bites in no time. And be sure to watch for the *red flags* to know which ones you need to let get away and which ones are keepers.”

“Just Imagine… In 24 hours, you’ll have a profile that’s so eye-catching and
appealing, hundreds of attractive singles will start contacting you – and YOU can
pick and date only the ones YOU want. You’re in total control!”

Here are just some of the amazing secrets, tips, & techniques you’ll discover!

Secret techniques that will skyrocket your response rate – Guaranteed! Yes. Other singles will want to contact YOU ! (page 51)

– Avoid The Top 5 devastating Online Dating Mistakes and have other singles begging to meet you! (pg. 83)

– 5 things that will kill your profile on contact (pg. 84)

– Communicate like ‘Don Juan’ – learn what to say in that first email and then quickly create the perfect response to her email to keep him or her interested (pg. 56)

– What not to say in email – EVER (pg. 58)

– When should you pay for a dating site membership (pg. 32)

– Hot online flirting tips for guys and girls (pg. 62)

– Creative first date ideas (pg. 66)

– Tips for meeting for the first time and ways to keep them coming back for more (pg. 68)

– Stay safe! Weed out the scammers. We will show you how to know the scammers real men or women that you might actually like to meet. (pg. 76)

– The top 12 dating safety tips that everyone should know but doesn’t. (pg. 86)

– The Top Online Dating Red Flags. How to watch out for them and how to avoid sending them (pg. 77)

– How to have your profile written for you (pg. 49)

– Have a perfect online photo, even if you don’t own a camera. (pg. 55)

– All of this plus tons of examples and step by step instructions. It’s like having your own personal dating coach.


Rave Reviews From Readers Just Like You

Pauline Houle, Therapist and Author –

“This information really proposes essential human introspection to help any relationship, of course, providing two persons are compatible to begin with. I wish I had that kind of help when I started dating in my youth. Great job!

As a therapist, I recommend this advice to my clients, even if they are not dating on line.”

Karrie King, Santa Cruz, CA –

“This is a must read for anyone who REALLY wants their online dating time to be successful. It should be required reading before anyone signs up on a site!”

Waxela Sananda, Austin, TX –

“Jennifer and Dan’s online dating advice is straight-forward, to the point, and full of tips that will get your online profile noticed. I used many of these techniques in my own profile and I am now in a successful relationship with someone I met through online dating.”

M. Brock, Dallas , TX

“I found the book very easy to read, enjoyable and full of ideas! I like the conversational aspect of the writing and truly felt as though I had a ‘dating coach’ taking me through the steps. I thought of several friends that would love it and will strongly recommend it to them.”

Randy Gaulding, Austin , Texas

“It explained in detail how to make the best of online dating. Each chapter gave useful tips and strategies and was very clear on how to use online dating to meet someone special. I thought I knew the best way to convey my message to someone, but I also found out by reading this book, that I had previously missed out on many of these helpful hints.”

From the Author
Dan and Jennifer, are authors, coaches, and Online Dating Insiders. They own and operate a successful online dating service in Dallas , TX and are the founders of “ ” where real readers just like you ask real questions and get honest answers from Dan and Jennifer.

By simply spending a few minutes of time to educate yourself on the CORRECT way to attract and find quality people – the exact person that you are seeking – you too can find your perfect partner.

With our help, we know you can find true love.

To your abundant success and happiness,

Dan and Jennifer

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