Online Dating Chat Cooled off?

Question by almac: Online Dating Chat Cooled off?
I was communicating with someone for 2 weeks on Plenty of Fish. She seemed nice and was motivated. Responded to my messages same day or within one day. Finally asked if she wanted to meet for coffee, she replied “sounds good….phone conversation first???? ” I responded “Great!
My cell number is — — —-. Call whenever you want.” That was 5 days ago, I have not herd from her.
She’s the right age, right look, right interests, lives in town, I would like to meet her. I thought I should give her a few days, but now I think I should message her again. What should I say without sounding desperate or demanding? Was my last message a little crude? Any ideas on what it could be and how I should proceed???

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Answer by Miss uk
Say to her Hi.. just wondering if you are okay..

if you got her number then text her.. thats good u met the girl.. i hope it goes well for you.. and good luck..

please answer mine guys

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