Online dating??

Question by Jenny: Online dating??
Does anyone else share this opinion of online dating. I am an attractive 22 year old woman who has been dating online for the past few months. I have been on quite a few dates and get quite a few emails. Out of ten emails I might respond to one. I just find that there is something missisng with online dating and am wondering if anyone else feels the same way. I feel that any guy I choose will be the same guy every girl chooses because of looks, success, whatever so when I go out with an attractive guy online I feel like I am his 11th date of the day and in competition with every other girl on the site. I know this might be true in real life dating too but I think this feeling is magnified with online dating. When I do go out with a guy more than once I get the feeling like it is only a matter of time before another online girl comes along. I am also getting the feeling that any attractive guy on there is only looking for quick sex.
The whole thing is just strange and I’m finding it difficult to really keep any lasting connections because I have no connection whatsoever to these guys in real life. I feel like online dating would work if I was ok dating unattractive men but because I’m attractive I am looking for an attractive guy. Is this making sense to anyone? Does anyone else feel this way? I want to hear others experiences / opinions.

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you should put the online dating on hold

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