online dating?

Question by libra: online dating?
I met this guy off of one of the online dating services, everything has been good so far…but he is currently going through a divorce for the second time (he 40 and i’m 26), I dont have a problem with the age difference because i have always dated older men. my problem is he’s been hurt not once but twice so now it hard for him to open up and trust…. I’m currently at the point of giving up, not only because of his emotionally rollercoaster, but he like to make promises but never fulfills them..what do you think this is a case of?

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Answer by inluvwithb
obviously he’s not ready for a relationship, also you have to take his word for it that he was hurt and not at fault. you should probably move on and get with someone who does not have so many problems. it doesn’t seem like a good start to a relationship.

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