online dating?

Question by Bee L: online dating?
New to the whole online dating world (wonder if I am too old fashioned for it).

When emailing someone met thru the online personals, is it typical to be flirty with more than one person? This guy and I have been emailing a lot for 5 months now, he is very nice and we met once- which I thought went great.

He says a lot of nice things and all and ends his notes with a kiss yet stays as single on the personals site. Normal or … ? Should I consider it just fun play and nothing more? I think he is fantastic and he is not too far away but am thinking now that maybe he only writes to be nice, or enjoys the ‘risk free’ world of online chat and Nothing more. (sigh)
I should add – we live about a full days drive from one anotherr, neither of us in the position to drive at the time being. Hmmm I guess I should not take it all as serious as I have been. Bummer…..

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Answer by Artman
Single? True? Why is single? Is he a psycho sex offender who doesn’t like marriage? Or does he have STD’s?

Anyone can look charming on the internet world, even dangerous criminals with writing talent. Online dating can get you raped, murdered or infedted with any SDT including HIV (not a good way to die).

I stick to the old-fashion face to face meeting “REAL” people.

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