Online Community Site Releases SentiMatch Like-Minded Member Matching, Reports Average of 58 Page Views per Visitor Session


Monarch Beach, CA (PRWEB) March 16, 2006

Part entertainment and part personal soapbox, the online community of is changing how people can find a friend and communicate with other like-minded individuals online without focusing exclusively on a specific interest category or a specific outcome like dating. Ranked by with a one-week average of 58 page views per user, already ranks above (average 37) and other leading online community and social networking sites in pages viewed per visitor. takes a different approach to social networking by creating an online community where people of all ages and interests can interact with other like-minded members by simply answering questions created by members – or creating questions of their own for others to answer. The intuitive act of asking and answering questions is an uninhibited way for people to share their opinions and interact with other like-minded members online – and find a friend.

SentiMatch™ technology compares members to each other and ranks them by how often they agree based on all the questions they both answered and the similarity of their answers. The higher someone’s SentiMatch™ score, the more they share your opinion. This allows members to add like-minded members to their buddy-lists, IM and share their personal profile pages where each member’s questions and answers are displayed together with a simple and easy to use personal blog. Furthermore, members can send questions via email to non-members outside of the community with an invitation for them to come and answer their question.

“The global response has been amazing,” said co-creator Fred Thiel, “Social networks like MySpace or Orkut are built on users blindly seeking out peers with little direction. Our users constantly tell the system who they are and what they believe by how they answer, and the system constantly looks for other people like them.”

Because the site uses a multiple choice answer format, members see SentiMeter™ bar charts for each question with percentage for each answer choice – no need to read all the answers to see the consensus. Ask the question “Which do you prefer – white or dark chocolate?” and come back later to see a chart with how many people prefer white versus dark chocolate. For more fun, you can read also comments left by each person who answered the question.

Questions are organized into categories and a powerful key word search tool allows members to find questions specific to a particular topic, person, event or other word contained in the question or answers, or search for specific members – making it an easy way to find a friend.

“The application of a site like goes far beyond entertainment or personal interaction,” continued Thiel. “We have spoken with companies and politicians who want to use the site for opinion polling and to create informal focus groups.”’s find a friend community will remain in rolling beta until the complete feature set has been implemented and user tested later this year.

About, the creation of Helium Web Works co-founders Fred Thiel and Price Givens, is a free social networking online community where members seek and share opinions and find other like-minded people through SentiMatch™ scoring.

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