Objective Intellectual Analysis – White/Black/Hispanic Men Married, Dating Asian Women FYMM #15

Support Us! Donate to FYM&M! www.paypal.comFree Your Mind and Mentality Edition #17 I use a lifetimes worth of experience – including being around the block a few times to shed some light on these matters. As always, I give you the insiders view on the attitudes, culture of the Asian people. As always – I try to remain objective, fair and balanced. I try to stick with the facts. I use experience, logic, critical thinking, fairness in my critical analysis. These are very serious social, cultural issues. Their is not much comedy here, nor should be, these are real problems, we need solutions not reaction. When making your movie response, everyone needs to tell us: 1. Their Gender 2. Their Age 3. Their Nationality We need to know who where talking to to consider your words and what you have to say. No vagueness. How effective you convey your messages and points: 100% face to face = you see their face, mannerisms, sound and tone of their voice, persona, body language, if they happy, sad. 50% telephone/teletalk = you hear them, hear their sound and tone, but that is all. 10% typing/e-mail/text message/instant messenger (typing only) = you don’t know any of the above, you see words, you don’t know the tone of the words, or how it sounds, most ineffective/backwards way to communicate. It is very slow and time consuming. And you get ignored a lot. To reply/have ur 2 cents. Make a movie, ie mp4, avi, add as a response. I will post all, regardless if negative/positive. Don’t have
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