Obama’s Trip Ends in Trade Disappointment

Obama’s Trip Ends in Trade Disappointment
President Obama began his trip to Asia with hopes of increasing exports and boosting American jobs, but he ends it with modesty being forced upon him, having failed to deliver in several key areas.
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Obama Seeks More Market Access from Asia Leaders
U.S. President Stresses Goal of Doubling American Exports in Asia Over Next 5 Years at APEC
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Obama sees progress in measured steps, no home run
A defensive President Barack Obama claimed progress Friday in a round of global economic talks that exposed discord over U.S. policy and doubts about American influence. Not every summit can be a game-changer, he said. “Instead of hitting home runs, sometimes we’re going to hit singles,” the president said. “But they’re really important singles.” Obama pointed to a consensus by 20 powerhouse and …
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