New Internet dating site hooks up college students

New Internet dating site hooks up college students
Kikini, which launched last month, restricts online dating to the college crowd. For those who are tired of the pre-game, go-to-a-party and try-to-hook-up-with-someone routine, or those who are still trying desperately to date their lab partner or that person who lives down the hall, there’s always online dating. Kikini, a new, free online dating site […]
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MTV duo puts laughs into dating
Here’s something funny: a high-profile comedy show that won’t break the bank for students. “There has been some excitement about it because people know of the guys from ‘Disaster Date’ and just because it is a free comedy show on campus,” said Kathryn Taylor, the University Union’s entertainment coordinator. “Unless there is a show on campus, […]
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50 cent and more…
Rumours 50 cent is dating a high profile television host…
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