New Dating App Teaches Men How to be Pursued by Hot Women


Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 15, 2010

The Absolute Power Dating (APD) system developed by Brent Smith, one of the top social dynamic, dating and lifestyle coaches in the world is based on twenty years of real-world experience and thousands of clients who’ve paid up to ,000 per weekend to get this ground-breaking information. Along with his business partner and co-creative contributor Mitch Rabin, APD aims to turn the traditional world of dating upside down. The APD App is the first opportunity ever for the average guy to get a hold of these powerful techniques without breaking the bank.

Brent was one of the main influences for David DeAngelo’s best-selling eBook “Double Your Dating” and founded APD in 2005 after being overwhelmed by guys wanting to hire him based on his many appearances at David’s seminars and on DVDs that were sold around the world. The response to Brent’s interview on David’s Interviews with Dating Gurus product was one of the things that finally convinced him to start his business. Brent says “After working with David, I started out with a simple phone coaching program and then began coaching guys in person on nights and weekends. The rest is history.”

25 years on the global social scene gives Brent and Mitch the real life experiences they now share through the Absolute Power Dating iTunes application. “We’ve had thousands of interactions with women over the years and realized that there’s a pattern to how people socialize. So we took those common patterns and created proactive techniques that are powerful and work.”

The APD system is based on creating a lifestyle that naturally attracts women no matter how much money a man has or how good looking he is. A lot of other dating related companies teach men to oversell themselves, and to trick or manipulate women. APD doesn’t do that. Absolute Power Dating encourages men to build their self-esteem using their personal attributes, and helps them engage those positives in their everyday lives. APD demographics cover the elusive 18-35 category, from college students to ultra successful entrepreneurs as well as more mature men.

Developed by Vain Media, the Absolute Power Dating application for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is a free mobile application that provides an Introduction to APD video, daily dating tips via text, and sample lifestyle coaching videos, as well as in-app purchases for additional exclusive content. Users can connect to the Absolute Power Dating web site, Twitter, and Facebook media through the free interface.

Available for free at iTunes, the Absolute Power Dating iPhone application features lifestyle coaching that helps men design a lifestyle where women are naturally more attracted to them.

Users can purchase two separate seminars in the application for .99 each; each including eight videos specifically created for teaching men how to approach and attract more women. Download the videos online for review here for a limited time only.

About Absolute Power Dating

Absolute Power Dating is a Manhattan Beach, Ca. based company producing and publishing lifestyle coaching methods and techniques for men; online, in mobile media, as well as in-person. Absolute Power Dating has one of most powerful systems for men to meet and attract women naturally. Once men learn it, they never look at the world of socializing and dating the same way again. Visit