Need for Relationship Counseling in a Troubled Relationship

Need for Relationship Counseling in a Troubled Relationship

Need for Relationship Counseling in a Troubled Relationship

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Home Page > Relationships > Breakup > Need for Relationship Counseling in a Troubled Relationship

Need for Relationship Counseling in a Troubled Relationship

Posted: Aug 07, 2009 |Comments: 0


When do trouble in relationship reach a boiling point that relationship counseling becomes the only viable option? Is it when couples stop talking to each other, when the arguments becomes physical, or is it at the first possible sign of uneasiness in the relationship – when is it appropriate to intervene with relationship counseling? What about when couples decide to plan ahead and get counseling before marriage? If you ask these questions to several people I would bet that their answers will be mixed, and that is because no two relationships are the same; people are different and so are their views on how to manage problems.

To some people preemptive action like premarital counseling may be all that is needed to start their marriage right. However, majority of marriages don’t start that way – love has special feelings; when you are in it, you’re blinded by feelings and emotions that planning ahead for future conflicts would be the last thing in your mind. And that is truly how love should feel, loving relationship should make you feel free and open with little or no expectations.

For those who want to seek counseling in readiness for marriage, there are few routes that you can take, you can seek the advice of your clergy, or pay to see a trained marriage counselor – or better yet, you can get free relationship counseling through the internet. There’re hundreds of articles and online relationship counseling sites where you can get free help.


If you’re already married and your marriage is in trouble the route to take should be pretty much the same as the premarital counseling. The only different should be at what stage in a troubled marriage do you decide that time has come to seek help. Common sense will tell you that the earlier you seek help to save your marriage the better – but that is not always true with every situation. Some couples at early stages of conflict don’t think something serious is wrong with their marriage, so marriage relationship counseling at this time may not help them because they don’t really believe something as serious as divorce is possible. On the other hand, if they truly love each other but have reached the stage where they both realized that something has to be done, or else they will lose each other… then counseling may work. There is no silver bullet here, no one size fits all scenarios either, couples in general seek help in marriage at different stages of conflicts for different reasons – and that’s how it should be.

Whether your relationship counseling is to save a trouble marriage, or to preempt future marriage trouble, your goal should always center on few areas of concern that more likely will lead into conflicts like:

• Intimacy expectations – is each partner having his/her sexual needs met? This can cause trouble in marriage if one partner feels left-out

• Finance – how couples handle their finances are often one of the biggest reasons for most conflicts.

• Parenting Duties – When children are in involved in a marriage parenting duties becomes huge part of the couple’s lives and this sometimes can cause problems when one parent is doing more to raise the children.

• Infidelity – demise of many marriages are caused by infidelity – and this is probably the most difficult source of marriage conflict to counsel.

Roles each partner plays in a marriage often go a long way to determine how successful the relationship will be – and planning ahead with premarital relationship-counseling and putting everything on the table for discussion will go a long way to solidify lasting relationship. So plan ahead if you must, do whatever it takes to save your relationship regardless at what stage conflicts arise. Don’t forget several free relationship counseling sites online, or your clergy. If your marriage means much to you, I’m sure you will find ways to save it. Good luck with your relationship…

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Emeka Ezidiegwu
About the Author:

Emeka Ezidiegwu is an author of several romance and relationship publishing. If this article informed you, please feel free to visit us at: for more related and interesting articles.

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