Natalie Dylan Offers Her Virginity at a Nevada Brothel / I’m So in Love :)

Natalie Dylan Offers Her Virginity at a Nevada Brothel / I’m So in Love 🙂
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A friend and I surfing TV channels saw this sweet, 22-year-old virgin on Maury Povich and Oprah. Natalie Dylan (not her real name) is selling her virginity at the Bunny Ranch brothel outside of Carson City, Nevada. Her sister once worked there.

Povich gave her a lie detector test, which showed she was telling the truth. The friend and I believed she was telling the truth. My theory, which a coupla young MySpace friends confirmed is that once U lose ur virginity, Ur personality changes. Natalie has the personality of a virgin.

On the same afternoon, Natalie appeared on Oprah, where she spoke of her philosophy. She says she’s just exploiting Capitalism. Everyone on Oprah supported Natalie. IMO: Nat is very smart & wise.

Natalie says, "Many women lose their virginity in the back seat of a Toyota" . . . (used to be a Chevy or hippy-bus when I was her age).

Those ppl that say she’s a whore and a slut are just jealous. How many women today are virtual whores for their husbands, landlords, mortgage companies or bosses?!

She says she needs the $$$ for graduate school. She graduated from Sacramento State College and wants to get a graduate degree in Family & Marriage counseling.

Currently the bidding 4 her virginity is -3.5 Million! She says she’s gonna screen the potential winners for someone nice. In a PM to me she says she will not film it but I’ll bet some of those seven-figure bids require filming and her to have sex with a HOT stud.

I also sent her this from ancient historian, Herodotus:

Now the most shameful of the customs of the Babylonians is as follows: every woman of the country must sit down in the precincts of Aphrodite once in her life and have commerce with a man who is a stranger: and many women who do not deign to mingle with the rest, because they are made arrogant by wealth, drive to the temple with pairs of horses in covered carriages, and so take their place, and a large number of attendants follow after them; but the greater number do thus, — in the sacred enclosure of Aphrodite sit great numbers of women with a wreath of cord about their heads; some come and others go; and there are passages in straight lines going between the women in every direction, through which the strangers pass by and make their choice. Here when a woman takes her seat she does not depart again to her house until one of the strangers has thrown a silver coin into her lap and has had commerce with her outside the temple, and after throwing it he must say these words only: "I demand thee in the name of the goddess Mylitta" now Mylitta is the name given by the Assyrians to Aphrodite: and the silver coin may be of any value; whatever it is she will not refuse it, for that is not lawful for her, seeing that this coin is made sacred by the act: and she follows the man who has first thrown and does not reject any: and after that she departs to her house, having acquitted herself of her duty to the goddess, nor will you be able thenceforth to give any gift so great as to win her. So then as many as have attained to beauty and stature are speedily released, but those of them who are unshapely remain there much time, not being able to fulfil the law; for some of them remain even as much as three or four years: and in some parts of Cyprus too there is a custom similar to this.

^^^ My grandfather says Herodotus might-have-been kidding to sell books or defame the culture.

Right on Natalie, More Power to U!


UPDATE: Oct 20 . . . read that she has a sister who worked at Bunny Ranch.

I named MySpace, "The Natalie Dylan Fan Club (Unofficial)," She’s my 3rd Top Friend and I’m one of her Top Friends.

UPDATE: Natalie left this comment on MySpace: You are so awesome and your hair looks so cute in that video! I truly appreciate your continuous support. I am writing a book and a producer contacted me about possibly turning my story into a film. The media sensationalized this story like no other! Dennis called and told me I was the number 2 biggest news story of 2008 on VH1’s best stories of the year…it is all so crazy to me, but it is great promotion for the book-so keep it coming! I wonder what the number one story was…

Anyways, thank you again so much for all of your support. You are amazing!



[We never verified the VH1 story.]

UPDATE: A coupla weeks ago (Dec. 2008) she invited me to a "front row seat" at the Bunny Ranch when she decides who will take her V-card. I’m not too sure yet if she hasta do the deed at the Ranch or only accept the $$$ there. I’m soooo excited, also, to meet some of my Bunny Ranch idols.

UPDATE: The bidding as of 2009 is .7-Million but the buyer wants to film it. Natalie does not wanna film it. I say she should under a special contract to tie in with the movie deal. She’ll double her royalties.

Pic Source: Natalie’s MySpace page, March 29, 2009. Ug, she has a dog!