My mom’s 4th divorce (women only please)?

Question by Sweetface24: My mom’s 4th divorce (women only please)?
My mother is going through a divorce right now and it I want to help her through this and help her to become a stronger person.Her husband cheats,doesn’t take care of his home,and barely works.All the signs were there and she overlooked it just because she was lonely.I told her that all her marriages she made bad choices and not only it effected her but it has effected me and my sisters as well.We saw her get abused physically,used, and mistreated emtionally and I told her that she should have been a stronger woman for us and been a better example for her girls while we were growing up.She traded in her loneliness and lost her self esteem and respect just to have someone that is unavailable to her and her needs anyway.She always bought them,supported them,loved them and got nothing in return.I had to learn how to not need a man and learning to become a stronger woman through her mistakes and from other women outside my family.I told her just date and not get married any time soon.

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Answer by JENNIFER M
to me it sounds like your mother craves the beginning of a relationship so yes i belive she should date but just be you and try not to force her into anything she really needs time for her so try to do things like get her nails done and get her hair done

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