My husband had a profile on a dating website and other internet secrets. Should I stay with him?

Question by Brokenhearted: My husband had a profile on a dating website and other internet secrets. Should I stay with him?
I found out my husband had a profile to meet women on hotornot. We have been together for 12 years and married for 10. He was looking for friends to have sex with, it was obvious from the text he wrote under his picture. He also mentioned in there he had good stamina and liked viagra.. To me that says it all besides the fact that he wanted to find friends to meet up whenever he is back in the states (we are living overseas right now but he is going back for business a couple times a year)….I confronted him and he deleted it and his explanation was he ‘was just having fun and f””’ing with people and didnt mean it like that. I also know of a social network profile he apparently had for years and on which he put his status as single. he had some older women on there writing him things like Hey my sexy friend…. I confronted him about it and he deleted these women from his profile and changed his status to married… Then I found out he had a email friendship with a girl for 10 years since we have been married and this girl thought the whole time he was single…. They never met up to have sex although he wanted to before we were married but she didnt go. She never knew about me and his marriage. Since then they just had email contact maybe once or twice a year. This was a huge blow to me because even though they didnt have sex I felt such Betrayal. Recently I found out my husband was or still is very interested in prostitutes and he was on countless websites for sexhouses here in asia where we live. and also he was looking into private online ads from prostitutes in the US. And he even looked up on google maps where these girls are locacted at. After I found that out I left him. Now all we do is fight on the telephone. He wants me back , loves me and swears he never acted on ANY of these things i found out. I am soo torn ! I know he cheated on me before we were married , countless times with many girls. I still married him because I loved him so and he swore he would never do it again. So far I didnt have any reason to believe he had-has an affair. But all these Internet secrets I found out about him broke my trust. I know he went to a massage parlor where they gave him a handjob. He swore to me it wasnt more than that. I forgave him for that years ago. Now I see he is looking into more than massage parlors . he was looking at the girls and the prices , the system and also on the internationalsexguide website where men write about where to go to get sex. Everything in my body and mind says he did cheat on me or will do it ! But he has the gift of changing my mind and making me believe i am crazy and he really didnt do anything. And the love he feels for me , and that he will do anything to make me stay with him . Everyday I am changing my mind . Do I stay with him or do I divorce him?? My plane back to him is leaving in 4 days . I dont know what do do. I booked only a roundtrip because I needed time to think. but I still dont know. thanks for reading !

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Answer by priv828
divorce him. I’m surprised his d*c hasn’t fallen off yet

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