Mending a friend’s heart

Mending a friend’s heart
It was an old yellow Lab named Maverick that helped Tom Chiarella through the darkest days of his divorce. Not a soul-searching therapy session or devil-may-care trip to Vegas, but daily, ritualized walks with Maverick who, as it happens, didn’t even belong to Mr. Chiarella.
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Mom Teaches Kids To Make Their Dreams Become Reality
DEAR ABBY: When my children were young, I was a single parent. I always put my children first. We didn’t have a lot of money, but we got by. If they asked for something we couldn’t afford, we would discuss it. I’d show them the budget and the bills, and we’d find a way to get what they wanted. They gave up snacks for six months so I could set that money aside to buy them bikes. We also decided …
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Scott Mathews: GOP, rich don’t have our best interests in mind
As a recipient of Social Security and Medicare, I find the comments of our local friend Annie Monsen to be downright hypocritical and incorrect.
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