Men. Is this really normal for guys or should I worry?

Question by cathoratio: Men. Is this really normal for guys or should I worry?
I pick up my husband’s phone to use it and see an open blackberry message chain with his two male cousins (they are mid 20’s – my hubby is mid 30’s). The message displayed from my hubby basically saying he hopes his doctor give him a “happy ending” at his next appointment. So I scroll up and see him telling his cousins how “hawt” his asian doctor is and how she caressed and caressed his arm and kept smiling during his appointment (broken wrist). His cousin said my hubby story is giving him a boner and my hubby said – yeah next appointment I hope she finishes me off.

This kind of crap really makes me feel bad and hurts my feelings. I’ve confronted him about porn and texting other women from his office and he acts like I am crazy to care at all.

I’m not asian, in fact I am as caucausian (pale Irish) as you can get and 7 months pregnant and getting zero sex (not my doing it makes him nervous to possibly “hurt the baby”). I think him discussing his desires and boners with his cousins is 1) weird and 2) disrespectful to me as his cousins probably think he is not getting good “service” from me since he is always telling them his fantasies for other women (his cousins sometimes send nude pix out and they all droll over some chick together) and talk about co-workers giving them wood (his cousins are single and 10 years younger).

My female friends and I do not talk about hoping our male doctor will show us his junk. In fact I don’t even think that.

Do you tell male friends when you get a boner (or watch soft core porn with male buddies)? I think a bunch of dudes enjoying sitting around together with erections is weird. I caught he and 5 of his male friends watching something like this on another occassion when they said they were going out to play basketball.
BTW since I know what people always say. I am not FAT. People tell me I look like Winona Ryder (from Heathers) and I love sex (my hubby is the one who is “tired”)

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Answer by rerun52
what are you, nuts?

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