Men!!! Is he a friend or more? Help!?

Question by : Men!!! Is he a friend or more? Help!?
have been working with this guy for over a year and have had a crush on him since day one. We are very close in work but he was in a relationship until 2 months ago. Since then he is crazy to plan work nights out and a few of us have even booked a trip to the UK (I’m Irish) for a weekend away.
He has kissed two other girls from work since he’s been single, however nothing even remotely serious came out of it. He told me when he had a few drinks one night that it was me he really wanted, but NEVER acts on it! (He has no issues trying it with the other two girls!!)
We text ALL the time. Normally 2 days a week, but it has been increasing. Eg. This week its been 4 days! We text from morning to night non stop, and there all really long and detailed messages.
I am currently setting my best friend up with one of his mates and he is totally involved, loving it! He has involved himself totally suggesting that me him a few others could go along when they meet up.

Are we friends or more??

Best answer:

I can see it being more.

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