marriage with a divorced women.?

Question by gambler: marriage with a divorced women.?

I am living in dubai and got a gf who i want to marry, she is also currently living in dubai. She was previously married and got her divorce from her ex husband. i want to marry her but i dont want anybody to know (not my family either) that she was previously married. i know it is necessary for her to show proof of divorce before getting remarried. Is it possible if she lies and say that she never got marrid. is there a way they can find out that she was married. We will be marrying in court in dubai.

your help will be appreciated

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Answer by Happy-2
Given that you are so ashamed of her that you want to lie about her past, I predict a very bad marriage. Since you don’t like who she is, you should do her the favor of setting her free to find someone who can be proud to be in a marriage with her.

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