LordTennyson Winterfest 2009_VSB_RonSombilonGallery (30)

LordTennyson Winterfest 2009_VSB_RonSombilonGallery (30)
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Image by Ron Sombilon Gallery
Lord Tennyson Winterfest 2009 photos by Ron Sombilon


About Lord Tennyson Elementary

Our School

The school is named after the famous 19th century British Poet Laureate – Lord Alfred Tennyson.
The school is a beautiful crimson red brick building dating from 1912. It boasts a wonderful park-like playground with picnic tables, a native garden, planters, benches, adventure playgrounds, a basketball court, and a grass soccer field.

Lord Tennyson is a French Immersion school enrolling 340 students in fourteen divisions. The school has two daycares on site: TOSS (Kinder and primary care) & YMCA (Intermediates); an another in the area – Kitsilano Neighbourhood House.

Mutual respect and concern for others are the hallmark of our school community. One of the school’s distinguishing characteristics is its openness. There is much opportunity for parent involvement in the school, making for an active Parent Advisory Council.