Logon To Love: The Online Dating Guide

Logon To Love: The Online Dating Guide

If you can type a few simple emails you can get more dates in a month than you now get all year with internet dating.

Internet dating now makes it possible for virtually ANYONE to enhance their dating life…No matter your looks, age or income!

If you’re looking to get back into the dating game… if you’re interested in what this whole “internet dating” thing is all about… or you’re already using the internet to get dates and you want a few more “tips” to get more success with less time… then you’ve found the right book!

Here’s why: Until recently, meeting people was HARD.

You basically had a couple options…

– Go out with your friends and hope they introduce you to someone in your social circle you like…
– Go out to bars and clubs and try desperately to fight for the attention of someone you’re attracted to (and hope they’re the same person when they’re not drunk!)
– Or hope and pray that somehow… through dumb luck… you’ll run into the next love of your life…

But not anymore…Online dating makes it EASY for anyone to find love!

But there are a few problems…First off, there is a bit of a “learning curve”.
You just have to know a little bit about human nature… how to best use the various websites… and the ways you can set up your profile so it attracts ONLY the type of person you want.

Then you have a “system” for getting all the dates you could ever want.
Here’s just some of what’s inside:

– Online Dating 101: what it is… what it isn’t… what to expect and why you may want to consider it over “traditional dating”
– Why online dating is unique in that you can quickly “qualify” the exact type of person you’d like to get to know better
– 6 reasons why dating online is so much better and so much EASIER than trying to meet people in real life
– Why online dating is right for you if you ever think “I’m too old to date” (and it’s even better if you’re just plain tired of the “Bar scene”!)
– The top 3 things you need to keep in mind when looking for an online dating site
– The 4 keys to making your dating profile stand out from all the others (your profile is your “face” online, I’ll show you how to get yourself noticed by the people you’re interested in!)
– For men: how to use the “bad boys” secret to get more women attracted to you immediately… without… actually becoming a jerk!
– For women: 23 great tips to make sure you’re the type of girl that always snags the hottest guy (plus, how to always keep him chasing you)
– How to successfully date online… even if… you’re a workaholic (use these tips and you’ll cut your wasted time in half!)
– How plan and make sure your first date goes off without a hitch!
– Red flags – how to quickly spot people that have serious emotional issues and could possibly ruin your life if you get involved with them (plus, a “disaster date guide” to help you out if you missed the red flags and end up going out on a terrible date!)
– Plus much, MUCH MORE!

This just scratches the surface of what’s in the book and it gives you everything you need to know about online dating…and a satisfying new love life!

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