Local Therapist Reacts to “The King’s Speech”

Local Therapist Reacts to “The King’s Speech”
Its estimated 1 percent of adults and more than 3 percent of children in this country stutter. While there are caricatures like Porky Pig that depict the problem in a comical way, it can be a serious and sometimes ostracizing condition. The condition, treatment, and relationship between patient and speech therapist is depicted in the Academy Award Nominated movie, “The King’s Speech.”
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Therapist accused of sexually assaulting autistic child
A Sumter man is accused of sexually assaulting an autistic child under the age of 11 and police are concerned there may be other victims.
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Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush’s ‘bromance’
CNN’s Piers Morgan calls the on-screen relationship between “The King’s Speech” actors Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush “one of the great bromances we’ve ever seen in the movies.”
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