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Local Friends

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Posted: Aug 22, 2010 |Comments: 0




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Local Friends

By: rent a friend

About the Author

For Further Info <a href =”http://www.Rentafriend.com”>Click Here </a>

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We’ve all been there, new to a city. Maybe it was when you first went away to University or College. Maybe it was being transferred to a new job in a new city. Either way, no matter the reason, relocation can be very difficult.


Some of the things that a person is faced with that can be very stressful include being away from family and friends, social difficulties, culture shock, fearful of new surroundings among other things.


It is very important that when you are relocating that you make a list of what you need to do. Prioritize the list and ensure that you are not wasting time on things you can not control. One very difficult thing that people are faced with is the unknown. Not knowing what you are getting into can be very stressful. Often when we are experienced with stressful situations we reach out to friends or family. What would you do if you did not know anyone where you moved too?  Not everyone has the ability to simply go out an meet new people. You need to have a pretty outgoing personality to be able to arrive at a new destination and simply start making new friends. It is also very important that you are careful as often people are looking to take advantage of people.


Once you have arrived to your new location and have settled in, what are your options for meeting new people. Often time’s people will go out to a mall, or to the library, pubs, bars etc. to meet new people. Others will get creative and use the internet posting boards to find people that have similar interests. These are all ok ways of meeting new people; however they are somewhat risky in that you can’t be sure of whom you are meeting.

This day and age there are all sorts of wacko’s looking to take advantage of people.


Using any of these methods could very well work in your favor; however it is somewhat embarrassing to head out by yourself and to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger. As mentioned you need to be careful and make good decisions with this regard.


One option that I recommended my neighbor use for her daughter that was going off to University was the rent a friend website. I can imagine as you read this your likely laughing, as did my neighbor. However after I explained the company to her, she was very impressed and felt as I did that it is such a great idea. You see we live in a small town and her daughter was going off to a large city. She didn’t know a single soul there. She had no clue how to find her way around, or what to expect in and around the school.  They decided to check out www.rentafriend.com they were able to find a city guide on the website that agreed to meet with them when they arrived to town. They agreed to a price for the day. When they arrived they met a pleasant middle aged lady, who spent the day with them explaining all of the basics of the city. Best ways to get around, places to avoid, best restaurants etc. It wasn’t long they were able to schedule a few more meetings for their daughter. They spent some more time together hitting some hot spots and she soon had plenty of connections in her new environment.

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(ArticlesBase SC #3104897)

rent a friend
About the Author:

For Further Info <a href =”http://www.Rentafriend.com”>Click Here </a>


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Source:  http://www.articlesbase.com/friendship-articles/local-friends-3104897.html

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Local Friends