Every single top level Irish politician has been ‘ corrupted ‘ by the evil men behind the curtains who now wield absolute power in Brussels ! do not listen or take as the truth a thing these people tell you, these are the same people who told you it was all just conspriacy theorist who said anything negative regarding EU power expansion ! here are some of their quotes : THE TREATY WILL HELP EUROPE SPEAK WITH ONE VOICE IN HELPING CREATE THE NEW WORLD ORDER : CATHERINE DAY secretary general of the European commission 7/9/2009 IT IS A DELIBERATE MISREPRESENTATION TO SUGGEST THAT TENS OF THOUSANDS OF MIGRANTS WILL SUDDENLY DESCEND EN MASS INTO IRELAND : proinsias de rossa 20/8/2002 EFFORTS HAVE BEEN MADE TO FORMENT FEARS THAT MIGRANTS FROM NEW EU STATES WILL FLOCK INTO THE COUNTRY THIS IS NOT ONLY UNPLEASANT BUT PLAIN WRONG : Irish prime minister Brian Cowen 7/7/2002 Between 2004 – 2007 500000 migrants flocked into Ireland from new member states ! consider the Irish republics population of 4million = 1 out of every 8 Irish citizens are now from eastern europe and beyond and the second most widely spoken language after English is not Irish but mandarin Chinese. http http www.jackiscool89… http www.conspiracyplanet… http www.conspiracyarchiv… http http www.dontglobalisehun… http www
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