Licentious Lisps & Salacious… ya know.

Licentious Lisps & Salacious… ya know.
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Cute lil Kiki… birthday girl!

Tear is to Factory
Postal is to Service

Why do women say they will do something and then don’t? If you say you’re going to call me — do it! If you can’t, call as soon as you can and simply explain. When you don’t call, I chalk you up as an inconsiderate loser wasting my time with stupid head games.

To all the elitist queens who parade around with ego and pretension: Your number is coming up.

Crotch trimming = effeminate? I trim because it’s comfortable.

Just because I’m living with a successful wealthy older woman doesn’t mean I’m a gold-digger! So, next time you see us at the grocery store, don’t ask if she’s buying me organic baby formula!

Reality Check! How can you sit in the chatroom telling me how I am wasting my life in a bar? At least I actually get out of my house and risk rejection in the real world. Unplug your computer and hold a real conversation, face to face, some day.

Shame on your mothers for not teaching you not to judge a book by its cover and to treat others as you like to be treated. Stop playing your online games.

Yes I have heard the word “professional.” Prostitutes are professionals, too, so it’s not about education or skills, it’s about how much you are compensated when you get fucked!

Restroom tip ..29: Ladies, before returning to the bar area, make sure your lipstick isn’t smudged and your hair is on right.

How come when a woman is interested in me, she gives me her phone number? This is stupid. If she wants to ask me out or have sex, she needs to ask for my number and then give me a call. I’m not going to do her pursuing for her.

Does your grandmother know you borrowed her arms? Get off the nelly crosstrainer already and pick up a barbell sometime, if you can.

I love seeing immaculate hiking boots on people. They’d have more character — and so would you — if they were actually used on a mountain trail now and then.

People who use looks to judge their superiority often end up paying for a lot of plastic surgery to keep their illusion of superiority.

Reality check of the day: There are older women who are assholes and there are younger women who are assholes. Stop limiting yourself to appearances and types. You are the only one who loses.

I’m tall, good-looking, athletic, and doing well. I’m also 24, white, and in certain neighborhoods those things are the kiss of death.

I just wasted seven months of my life dating a 45-year-old woman I met online. She lied about her age, her life, history, finances and more. It would be so much easier if people could just be honest with each other.

My ex-friend had no confidence when we met. Over the years, I managed to convince her of her worth as a person. Now she doesn’t have the time for a quick call just to see how I’m doing. I would never treat anyone the way I’ve been treated.