Letters to a Battered Woman: Letting go of the “Why”

Letters to a Battered Woman: Letting go of the “Why”

I escaped from my second abusive husband on the 30th November 1998 after being beaten and tortured physically, mentally, emotionally, sexually and psychologically for ten years. My husband had tried to kill me twice that day…

And so Lisa Oliver shares her story of escape in the hope that others will follow and understand that she knows what it is like to be a battered women; left to fend for herself and her children well after all of the police and counselors and well wishers had gone.

What makes this book unique is firstly Lisa herself – she didn’t allow herself to wallow for any period of time – she went out and carved a life for herself that has included falling in love and getting married again; completing her journalism training, starting an art course, (just because she could, after being told for years she couldn’t) and injecting her whole life with love, fun and happiness.

And now through this and the other books in this series she wants to share how she did it, with you. Because above all else Lisa Oliver believes that we all have the right to a happy life, and we all deserve better than we have had before. So if you are a survivor of domestic violence then learn one of the key reasons why your life might not be going the way you had hoped and find out how to turn that feeling around, today.

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