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Les Filles du Blog
Although many intellectual and literary magazines have come under scrutiny lately for a lack of female bylines (yes, again; it’s an annual event), two of those publication’s blogs have become visible launch pads for female writers: The New Yorker Book Bench and the Paris Review Daily. Last week, the Paris Review Daily blog lost web editor Thessaly LaForce to a fellowship in fiction writing at …
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Illinois Supreme Court Announces New Public Domain Citation System, Ending Era of Printed Volumes
In another bow to the digital age, those bulky law books containing officially reported Illinois court opinions soon will be going the way of 8-track tapes and boom boxes.
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FEAR NOT: Sarah Palin Is STILL The World’s Greatest Media Genius
You know the old saying, ‘people get the leader they deserve’? Same goes for the media. And based on the media’s behavior this weekend, it’s safe to say Sarah Palin and the lamestream are a match made in media heaven.
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