Know of any financial avenues for single african american parents?

Question by nene: Know of any financial avenues for single african american parents?
I am a african american single parent of three children who is in need of financial help to finish my senior year at Eastern Illinois University . I am currently working full time nights and attending class in the day. I recieve state payments for child care, food stamps, and often this is not enough or consistant to stay in school. The more you make the less you help you get and this is always the case for me. I have checked into the scholarships and many do not apply to me b/c you have to graduate in the community in which the college is located, or by GPA. What other sources could I tap into to find help to pay for college senior year and graduate studies, child care and some living expenses, my commute to and from the college . I have already borrowed 19,000 dollars in loans!

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Answer by KyFADirector
Kudos for working so hard to better your life and the lives of your children. It is true that it is hard to make ends meet and go to school unless you are already wealthy enough to just pay for your eduation out of pocket. I sounds as though you have been using Federal and State funds all this time but I wonder if you have looked into or both are free websites for scholarship searches and you don’t have to worry about being from certain communities or GPA for all scholarships you just have to apply and meet their criteria, their may even be one for single african american parents I know there is one for left handed people. You may also ask your employer if they offer any tuition help or your conselor that provides your food stamps as they might even have a scholarship they offer. Look around to other organizations in the community and just keep asking, you are too close to give up now.

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