Jennifer Wallen from The Apprentice Introduces, a Way to Sell Your House in a Down Market – FSBO with Immediate Gratification Potential


Anthem, AZ (PRWEB) May 29, 2007

Today we are getting more and more web-based sales techniques to assist people in selling their homes. The problem, though, is movement. You see, right now there are a significant number of houses on the market, but the buyers are few and far between as their homes also have to sell for them to ever begin to look. This is called market stagnation. offers a fix to this problem offering immediate movement in the market place as a whole. functions as a match dating service for your house in that it allows users to meet online according to specific criteria in order to work out a deal on each other’s homes. When one’s needs have changed, either by relocating, downsizing or upsizing; so have someone else’s. They may be looking for what you have; and you may be looking for what they have. This is where we help you find that match!

In a perfect world, we would sell our house and then go buy another. But this is not necessarily the case in a stagnant market. The homes do not have to equal in value; it works just like a traditional sale where you take out a brand new loan, and so does the other party for your house. You simply write the sale contingent upon successful close of escrow and do a simultaneous close preferably at the same title company or with the same attorney. Essentially this is for sale by owner, but with immediate gratification potential! There are also huge benefits to selling your house this way.

Instead of being widdled down on price because you are both buying each other’s house, you can agree on a full market or full approved value for your home! Take for example a 0K house: In a down market, you must market it at approximately 0K. Then, you will probably get dinged another -K in negotiation; then another K in realtor fees! That is approximately -K in savings! So, if you do not get the exact house you wanted, -K can fix it up! Our “Assist Your Move” sections will help you locate companies, which are close to the house you are purchasing, for all your fix-it-up or moving needs—even companies that are necessary to close a transaction.

As higher comparables arise out of people agreeing on higher values, the buyers will inevitably stop renting, and will jump back into the market place—a true potential incurring this market slump. came to be after we were approached by several couples who wanted to buy our house but could not sell their own in order to do so. We needed to move, so we looked at the houses we thought met our needs and actually swapped houses ourselves. With no initial options, we now had a few. Some may not have enough equity to do a cash-out refinance where you need more than 10%; but if you were to buy each other’s house on a new loan, you can do 95% or even 100% financing and put some money back into your pocket. You may even get a higher appraisal on a purchase than a refinance!! For investors, this is a win-win. If they are having a hard time, they can buy each other’s investment at full market value and pocket the rest to float on until the market picks back up. Our system is set up to post what you have and what your wish list criteria is; then click the “Match Me” button to sell all your potential matches! You will also be emailed new possibilities as more houses are posted. You can broaden or narrow your search criteria or your wish list requirements. I hope you become the next swapping success and don’t forget to tell a friend in the “Tell a Friend” tab at the bottom of the page!

As this sparks your interest and you have additional questions, please visit and read all the tabs at the top of the page. Read through all the FAQs and have fun!

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