Jennifer Aniston Bags Internet Dating

Jennifer Aniston Bags Internet Dating

Jennifer Aniston Bags Internet Dating

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Home Page > Relationships > Dating > Jennifer Aniston Bags Internet Dating

Jennifer Aniston Bags Internet Dating

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Posted: Feb 12, 2009 |Comments: 0
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According to Jennifer Aniston has categorically gone on record saying she would never turn to internet dating.
In a news article recently published, Jen has described online dating as warped. Apparently the thought of using the internet to find a partner freaks her out. Jens view is that she would rather meet someone face to face to assess whether things could progress beyond a first date.

She also points out that people who use the internet build up a false sense of realism compared to the offline world, and goes on to say “you cant just copy and paste your life”

Apparently Drew Barrymore also agrees with Jen and reckons that online singles don’t tell the truth about themselves claiming that they lie about their appearance and other things.

Whilst these comments and views are probably true with regards to a percentage of online dating members, a survey carried out by confirmed that over 90% of its data base did not just rely on the internet to find a partner. Other findings resulting from the survey which included more than 15,000 singles found that the clear majority were proactive citizens participating heavily in the offline world and that the internet was not their only world.

It would appear that Jens and Drews opinions are very primitive. Perhaps 10 years ago when internet dating was taboo they could have been forgiven for these types of comments. Without question these old fashion views are not shared by many who live in the real online and offline world. Not everyone has the same social opportunities as movie stars.

It seems ironic that Jennifer Aniston would have these views given that she has made a living indulging in other peoples fantasies.

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Jennifer Anistan bags internet dating

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