Is There Any Free Christian Dating Website Left?

Is There Any Free Christian Dating Website Left?

Is There Any Free Christian Dating Website Left?

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Home Page > Relationships > Dating > Is There Any Free Christian Dating Website Left?

Is There Any Free Christian Dating Website Left?

Posted: Feb 09, 2011 |Comments: 0


DATING SITE POLICE: “HANDS AROUND YOUR BACK! You are under arrest for paying too much on a dating site–have you not heard of FREE online dating websites?”

The once free dating website Ok Cupid’s (before took it over, that is) was co-founded by small town Little Rock native Christian Rudder. Rudder, a Central High grad, and guitar player in the popular indie band Bishop Allen was once the editorial director of, a web publishing company that Barnes & Noble acquired in 2001.

He helped grow OK Cupid’s in few years with his entertaining blog, OK Trends, in which OK Cupid’s 3.5 million users, enjoyed topics like “how races and religions match in online dating” and “the mathematics of beauty.”

The Arkansas blog states that when the deal was announced, some bloggers noticed that one of Rudder’s posts, “Why You Should Never Pay For Online Dating,” had been removed from the OKTrends blog.

In an e-mail Rudder explained the decision to remove the blog:

“We took down the “Pay Dating” post not on Match’s order, but as a courtesy. At this point, we’re the free compliment to their pay service, and we thought it would set the right tone for our on-going relationship to not be slagging them in our blog.”


Hmmm….(thinking out loud) What Causes DSHS?

Online dating sites have become a fast money making venture that can drain daters before they find a match; it is not uncommon for daters to develop an empty feeling they never experienced before paying to join a dating website, followed by hefty monthly dues. As with anything, if you pay premium dollars, you expect premium results, and when this is no so after being on a paying dating website for a few months with no success–daters develop the Dating Site Hopping Syndrom (DSHS….”from the Michelle medical terminology dictionary”). Daters hop from site to site in vain, longing to regain the initial adrenaline rush they felt when they first joined an online dating website. Some daters just simply give up from the heavy spending and not being able to find much quality. Never the less, persons seeking to date online are finding ways to navigate the online dating arena without paying. As internet  users begin to trust the web, they become more savvy in “shopping” around for any barging, including online dating service bargains. They have mastered the keyword search term “free”– free online dating, free internet dating, free christian dating website–etc. And who can blame them, in this economy; why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.

Ok Cupid may no longer be a free dating website but, free online dating still lives on. Who said that you must pay to join a website to meet someone? Christians can still JOIN a dating site FREE of charge.  Websites like open their online dating doors for the free “Christian Dating” experience to all single Christians. No charge at the door like those other giant dating sites.

If you are a Christian, single, and willing to explore meeting a Christian man or Christian online, then I would suggest that you try an Online Christian Dating Website instead of a secular one. You are more likely to find a God connection, with the commonality of shared faith, interest and fellowship.


God Bless,



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Michelle Andrea
About the Author:

Michelle Andrea, aka “The Go-To-Gurl” is the website moderator for a free online dating site Christians Date Michelle is not only a sucessful online marketer and writer but a born again Christian and a single mom. She loves meeting new friends, to meet her Join her on Christians Date



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