Is my boyfriend’s adult online dating profile a worry?

Question by marissa: Is my boyfriend’s adult online dating profile a worry?
Me and my boyfriend have broken up over trust issues and restarted our relationship again recently. One of the many lies to me was his use of porn, he knew it made me insecure so told me he’d stop. I caught him so many times back then continuing to watch it. He even went out and bought a new adult video to spite me when we fought. Then said he didn’t get a chance to watch it and he’d throw it out. who even knows if he did. anyway, i came across a profile he created for himself saying he was into certain sorts of bondage and fetish play. I’ve always told him i wanted to try new things like that and he said that was gross and you only do stuff like that with people you don’t respect. He clearly doesn’t respect me if he can lie and hurt me. Along with his interest in fetish that i didn’t know about, he also listed voyeurism, which is the peeping tom sort of thing.kinda perverted. I don’t know if he made this profile while we were apart, but still these kinda secrets bother me.any advice?

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Answer by mitch-chan
Just leave him be and let him drown on his perversion ways. You don’t need a guy like him to make your life complicated and this has been become his obsession. Well, if he cant change his way for you, why should you even try?

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